The Saga of the Vintage Bedspread

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a vintage bedspread and having failed to find a copy of the pattern, set myself the challenge of replicating it as near as possible.

Having crocheted a sample I ordered some yarn, deciding on 4 ply, that was my first mistake. It turned out to be far too fine and totally unsuitable.

Next I decided to source some genuine vintage wool in DK weight, I thought vintage yarn would make an authentic vintage bedspread…me and my stupid ideas! One of the major problems with vintage yarn is that generally there is no yardage on the labels, 50g could be any length, but I thought with 10 balls I should have enough…wrong…epically wrong. I was barely able to crochet 3 squares out of one ball.

After everything that had gone wrong I decided that maybe this was one of those patterns that do not want to be crocheted. So here are the 4 squares I did complete, each square is approximately 6″/15cm square and I think it’s easy to see how this design could be used for a variety of designs, bedspreads, baby blankets, cushion covers, tablecloths etc.. The pattern is join-as-you-crochet, which if I can work out how to write it down so it makes sense, I’ll publish the design in the next few weeks, right now I’ve got other designs that are willing to be crocheted!



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