The Old Haberdashery Shop

I thought I’d share this pic of me as a young’un, wearing a cardi lovingly knitted by my Grandma and holding a knitting pattern, it bought back many memories. There was a haberdashery shop round the corner from where we lived, it stocked all kinds of exciting things and my Grandma always took me with her to choose new yarn and patterns. I remember the smell of the yarn, new wool, I still like burying my nose in yarn today and inhaling deeply, though sniffing acrylic does not have quite the same effect!

Grandma was always knitting, and sewing dresses for me, the old war adage of make do and mend, still held true in our household, after all it had been barely 10 years since rationing had ended…now I’m showing my age! Once I’d outgrown a jumper, it would be carefully unpicked and I would become a human yarn swift, holding my little hands up, being careful to hold the skein steady while Grandma wound it into a new ball. If there was no matching yarn left, a contrasting colour would be added to make a new jumper, though sometimes Grandma would go a bit wild and add a myriad of colours depending what she had available!

I would sit on the floor by the side of her chair, my head resting on her knee as she clicked, clicked away, it never took long for a jumper to appear as if by magic, and Grandma didn’t really need the pattern, she knew instinctively what to knit. Well enough of the nostalgia, I have a new pattern to design, a baby blanket inspired by a vintage bedspread, if Grandma is looking down on me, I hope she’s impressed 🙂

Shana aged 3


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