Lucet cord key fobs

Having got my lucet a couple of weeks ago, I have been raiding the scrap yarn drawer for all those niggly little bits of acrylic that were left over after Shana’s previous projects.

I now have half a shoe box full of various lengths of cordage that I made on the lucet. So after lunch today I rustled up a couple of key fobs: a lime green and forest green one for the garden shed keys; and a high-contrast orange and blue one for the house keys.

Somewhere along the way, my attention wandered. I may have looked out of the window and remarked ‘Ooh, a sparrow!’ Anyway, I ended up with a small design flaw in the garden keys fob. See where the colour twists round a bit at the top? Five style points docked there, I think 🙂  No such problem with the other one though.

The fobs were made using a series of crown knots one after another. This becomes what is known as a crown ‘sennit’ (or ‘sinnet’, depending on who you ask).

One good tip I found in the Pocket Guide To Knots & Splices by Des Pawson ( a book I’ve had for several years now) is that if you keep making your crown knots in the same direction, you will finish up with a round sinnet. But if you alternate directions between clockwise and anticlockwise, you will get a sinnet that is square in section. If you want a spiral pattern, go for the round sinnet.

Finishing off, I just tied a couple of flat knots and snipped the ends. If I wanted a more polished finish I could, among other options, have used a basic Matthew Walker knot. More on knots in a future post (if I manage to untangle my ball of string, that is 🙂 )

Naturally, you can use crown sinnets to make key fobs out of any cordage you want. Doesn’t have to be yarn. Just don’t try to make one by using your shoelaces. Because if you trip yourself up due to  your loafers having come loose, I’m afraid I cannot be held responsible.




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