The Trials and Tribulations of Tunisian Crochet!

I started the day with another of my stupid ideas…make a christmas stocking in Tunisian Crochet, in 2 colours, using short rows…sometimes I’d be better staying in bed!

It doesn’t look too bad in the flesh yarn, but it looks really bad in the pics, oh well back to The Yarn Lab drawing board for me!!

And for reference, there aren’t 2 stockings, it’s the same one, front and back…


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  1. daniellajoe says:

    I want to learn and it looks good to me:-)

    1. Shana Rae says:

      I do have a basic tutorial which might help, and there are quite a few vids on the interwebs too. Give it a try, it’s quite addictive, just make sure you use a larger hook than for normal crochet, and keep it loose when you start, especially the chain row! Good Luck 🙂

      1. daniellajoe says:

        thanks Shana, i definitely will check out the links thanks 🙂

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