Slip Stitch SC!

I mentioned in a comment to katythenightowl about a book I had that showed an sc as a slip stitch, the book dates from 1972 so it’s not as old as I thought, unless you’re very very young in which case it’s vintage!!

SC example


And this is the book it’s in.


3 thoughts on “Slip Stitch SC!

  1. The book looks fascinating, Shana, that’s a lot of different stitches, isn’t it? 🙂

    But, as you said, it’s not actually that old (I was 11 in 1972), so it surprised me, too!

    Mind you, I can only remember very vaguely being taught the basic crochet stitches by my great-grandma as a child and, being more interested in books than crochet at the time, I honestly can’t remember how she referred to the slip stitch, or the SC – although, with us being British, she probably referred to the SC as a DC anyway! Lol


    1. It’s mainly knitting stitches, the few crochet ones are very badly written, some completely omit the starting chain and just give you the pattern, so you have to guess what the repeat is!!

      I was 11 in 1972 as well, and ironically more into reading than crafting too!! I’m the first person in my family to crochet, my grandma was a hard core knitter, my mum did a bit of craftwork, mainly turning wine bottles into lamps which was quite trendy at the time!

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      1. My great- grandma was the crocheter, and I think she must have taught most of the womenfolk in out family. Growing up, it was mainly my Mum and one of my sisters who did the crochet work, plus a lot of knitting, too! 🙂
        Nowadays my Mum mainly knits, and now I do the crocheting – although, saying that, my parents house is full to the gills with cross stitch gifts made from most of my sisters and myself 🙂
        I’m just glad that we grew up with crafting of any sort, I guess 🙂

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