Knitting with spanners


Apparently, there are men in this world who knit. I know, it’s scarcely credible. Nevertheless, it’s true. Some men even crochet, would you believe it! (I think I’m going to have to sit down for a moment to recover.)

Anyway, the least these blokes can do is use proper manly tools. So, in the name of academic research, I found an excellent tutorial on something called a lucet, or  knitting fork.. And I figured you could just as easily use a spanner. Here I am, with my size 19 Draper spanner (or ‘wrench’ if you’re foreign) showing how it’s done.


Today, I knitted just under two metres of pink yarn–and no, I didn’t turn into a girl! You too could do this, although I can’t think why you’d want to, unless…

decoratedspanner (1)

…you wanted to make a spanner cosy!

Cheapskates might like to know that you can also make your own lucet out of cardboard. Here’s one I made earlierer 🙂



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