Granny’s Reticule

American Crochet Terms used throughout.

DK weight yarn in 2 colours
3.5mm hook

Finished Size:
Approximately 9″/23cm tall, the base is 5″/13cm in diameter

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  1. youngatfifty says:

    Ah ! now I see the result of the cordzzzzzz lol. I must say the reticule is beautiful and the cord is too 🙂 Liked your colour combination …very elegant. Lovely pattern 🙂

    1. Shana Rae says:

      Aww thank you, I did think about crocheting it in black and gold, but my ancient eyes can’t cope with black very well !! 😀

      1. youngatfifty says:

        I thought only my eyes were vintage as far as working with black yarn is concerned.(especially in the night) …I am glad to find company 🙂 but yes, black and gold would have been striking. Brown and cream is elegant and classy. One of my favourites in addition to deep red/maroon with cream/off white.

        1. Shana Rae says:

          I read a suggestion somewhere to place something light coloured on your lap when working in black, considering I always wear black, it actually helped to show the stitches up, but the problem then was that the black I have is 4-ply and I needed DK, somedays I just can’t win!! My eyes are now going to bed, so I guess I’ll join them and count dc’s in my sleep!

          1. youngatfifty says:

            yeah I try the light colour background sometimes but often I am lazy and avoid the black if I can. Will not hold those eyes from what it needs most ….rest 🙂 Good night 🙂

  2. alexiserrig says:

    Reblogged this on Shine Bright and commented:
    I cant wait to make this!

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