Barmy origami

If origami were a person, he (yeah, it would have to be a ‘he’) would be a member of the Awkward Squad. Because it can be deiberately obtuse at times.

Origami, in case you’re not familiar with it, has a number of bases, which are the starting points for most of the models you can make. The waterbomb base, sensibly enough, is the start point for the waterbomb, a little cube that you can fill with flour or water and then drop from an upstairs window on the head of an unsuspecting passer-by in the street. As good a way of getting sued or clobbered as any other, I guess. (So who said origami was boring, huh?)

But then it gets tricky:

When in doubt, though, you can always abandon it, scrunch the paper into a ball, and practice target shooting a the waste basket. Or make lots of origami confetti, a nice easy project for total beginners. Why not give it a try sometime? You know you want to 🙂


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