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Petite Purse

American Crochet Terms used throughout.

DK weight yarn
4.00mm hook

Finished Size:
Approximately 5″/13cm at the widest part, 3.5″/9cm tall excluding handle, 5″/13cm including handle

This can be scaled up in size, or made with chunky yarn, and would be ideal for a gift bag. It is worked in the round so you will need a marker to keep count of the rows.

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
sl st – slip stitch
sk – skip
st(s) – stitch(es)
beg – beginning
BLO – back loop only
hdc-inc- work 2hdc into st


Foundation Row: 12ch, 1hdc in 3rd ch from hook, 1hdc in next 8 ch, 3hdc in last ch, sk loop at bottom of last hdc, working in the bottom loop of sts, 1hdc in next 9 loops, 3hdc in ch 2 space (24 sts)

Round 1: Working in BLO, 1hdc in each st around. (24 sts)

Round 2: 1hdc, hdc-inc, 7hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 7hdc, hdc-inc, 2hdc. (28 sts)

Round 3: 1hdc in each st around. (28 sts)

Round 4: 2hdc, hdc-inc, 9hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 9hdc, hdc-inc, 1hdc. (32 sts)

Round 5: 1hdc in each st around. (32 sts)

Round 6: 3hdc, hdc-inc, 11hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 11hdc, hdc-inc. (36 sts)

Round 7: 1hdc in each st around. (36 sts)

Round 8: 1hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 13hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 12hdc. (40 sts)

Round 9: 1hdc in each st around. (40 sts)

Round 10: 3hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 15hdc, hdc-inc, 3hdc, hdc-inc, 12hdc. (44 sts)

Round 11: 1sc in each st around, sl st in next st, Fasten off. (44 sts)


When working the second handle, make sure it is aligned to the first, you may need to count more or less stitches in, that is why it is essential to place markers.

Flattening the purse, from the right side, count in 8 sts and place marker, do the same for the left side, and on the other side of the purse, there should be 5 sts between the handles.

Working from the right, join yarn with sl st to the marked st, 15ch, 1sc into marked st on left side, 1sc into next st, 17ch, turn and 1sc into st to left of 1st sc, holding both chains together, turn, 1ch and work 26sc around both chains, this is approximate depending on the tension of your work, sl st into st to the left of sc last worked, turn and sl st around all stitches back to the other side, sl st in next st adjacent to sc first worked and fasten off.


Add a button of your choice to the front, on the back of the purse, insert hook in the centre st between the handles, work a chain long enough to go around the button and back, fasten off and sew in all ends.

Optional Decoration
You can add a few small flowers, or any motif, or embroider initials.

© Shana Rae 2016


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